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IronE Productions is spearheaded by a husband and wife team blessed with many God given talents between the two of us. For years we have allowed these talents and gifts to be used and exploited for major benefits to others. We’ve decided that the time to take ownership of and prosper from our talents is well over due. We pride ourselves on offering integrity and loyalty with great quality in production services. Speaking of our services, we offer, at l east, the industry standard in digital video production amongst other services. And best of all - no hidden bills, no secret charges.Our Philosophy

"If you can't join'em...beat'em!"

IronE - 2007

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IronE School of The Arts



The mission of IronE School of The Arts (ISA) is to provide youth with a performing arts program that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally compelling, aesthetically enriching and personally relevant with a strong emphasis on truth, purpose, respect for self and others and love for all of humanity. ISA aims to inspire the students to be active learners, well-rounded individuals and productively engaged human beings with a strong sense of self and community awareness.


The primary inspiration of ISA is to provide an environment to underprivileged youth that is emotionally and physically safe where they can always expect to be treated respectfully by staff and other students. ISA aims to promote healthy opportunities for intense emotional expression in the arts and to introduce students to pre and post production technical skills. ISA will help to sharpen the intellectual skills of youth by providing an environment that introduces them to their artistic heritage.



- to create an atmosphere conducive to emotional, intellectual, and spiritual   growth
- to promote the highest standards in regard to personal integrity, self

  conduct and respect (Truth and Love)
- to encourage self discovery and purpose
- to promote excellence in chosen endeavors
- to encourage responsibility for personal choices
- to provide opportunities for leadership and community involvement

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