Acting Workshops

The objective of the Actor's Workshops is to provide the "Basic" understanding that will prepare and give children more experience with auditioning. These workshops will also prepare them for the many demands of the entertainment industry. The workshops will also help to enhance his or her level of confidence and preparation for life as it improves their interpersonal, social, and presentation skills and overal self esteem.

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Beginning Acting 101 Workshop

By attending the Beginning Workshop 101, your child will learn the basics of acting while becoming more comfortable with and knowledgeable of the casting and auditioning process for Theatre, TV, Film and Commercials .

Beginning Acting 102 Workshop

Workshop 102 will require them to combine all the skills they will have acquired in Workshop 101 and present them through a mock audition. An audition requires knowledge of a headshot, resume, slate, monologue and cold read. The workshops give a basic understanding of all those elements . In order to audition effectively, one must know how to create a character. Creating a character is acting, which is about becoming someone or something you are not and making that someone or something interesting to watch and listen to. This is done through theater games that sharpen the skills of:
* Teamwork * Memorization * Intention/Subtexting * Movement * Improvisation * Listening * Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication * Affective Memory/Emotional Recall * Voice Dynamics (pitch, volume, stress, rhythm, diction, projection) * Facial Expressions (happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise, etc.)